Training and Further Education


Courses according to GW 329


A special objective of the association is the training and further education of the responsible staff deployed at construction sites where horizontal directional drilling is performed. Seeing its responsibility, the DCA formulated training criteria early on and successfully organised courses. 

The basis of HDD training according to DVGW worksheet GW 329 are the skills and knowledge of the expert supervisor and the specialist staff in charge of a horizontal directional drilling.


The training of the expert supervisor and the specialist staff as well as the successful final examination of the acquired knowledge according to GW 329 are the sine qua non for the certification of pipeline companies or specialist firms based on DVGW worksheets GW 301 or GW 302 in group GN2 “horizontal directional drillings”.


Further Education according to GW 329 


In cooperation with the Rohrleitungsbauverband, the DCA organises a training session according to GW 329 once a year.

Worksheet GW 329 guarantees the standardisation of training and examination of expert supervisors and skilled staff in in terms of training procedures and contents. After a passed examination, they will have the necessary expertise to ensure high-quality performance and professional supervision of the works. Certification is carried out according to DVGW worksheets GW 301 or GW 302. The certificate remains valid for two or five years. Within this period the responsible expert supervisor is obliged to attend an acknowledged further training session and have their attendance certified to maintain the validity. The course both communicates developments, techniques and trends in HDD and helps to refresh existing knowledge.

In order to maintain the validity of the certification as supervisor A/B according to DVGW worksheet GW 329, all participants must attend a further education course within the period of validity. This course of further education conforms to these requirements.


Courses for Clients


In the past years the group of executing companies have successfully completed various training courses in the field of HDD. Given the continuing demand of clients and planners, the DCA decided to offer the training session for clients, which they launched in 2007 once a year now.

The course is intended particularly for engineers from planning and engineering firms, supply companies, network operators, and government authorities.


Sponsorship Award


The association will continue pursuing its goal to support young academics. For this purpose the DCA has been awarding the DCA Sponsorship Award to students who  write their Bachelor’s or Master’s theses in the field of horizontal directional drilling since 2000.


The topics shall address the “practical and visionary development of horizontal directional drilling and its associated technologies”.


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