Technical Guidelines


In order to ensure a high quality standard when HDD projects are performed, the association has already formulated fundamental guidelines in 1995. These guidelines were published in a second edition in 2000-2001 and in a third edition in in 2007-2009 in three languages entitled "Information and Recommendations for Planning, Construction and Documentation of HDD - Projects". Since then, these guidelines have been recognised by the industry as a foundation for planning, executing and documenting HDD projects.


The fourth edition is published in 2015 in three language (german, english, french). In this edition most of the further publication of the DCA regarding technical items were partly included. Furhermore in the new edition tolerances for the pilot drill hole in general were published for the first time. 



Quality Assurance


The guideline “Quality Management“ provides recommendations for the areas planning, execution and supervision of HDD projects. It puts a special focus on soil-specific aspects. The recommendations are directed to clients and contractors alike; they shall be applied in combination with the Technical Guidelines.



Model Bill of Quantities


This model bill of quantities (BOQ) shall serve as guidelines for creating individual BOQs and is to be understood as a suggestion. The model BOQ covers works required for an HDD measure carried out using devices with a pull-force of more than 40 t and less than 40t.

We offer text modules that can be used for project specifications and the related tender evaluation. When selecting text modules, special attention must be paid to the completeness of necessary tasks.

The choice of items to be used in this model BOQ principally resides on the party issuing the invitation to tender. We distinguish between items which should in any case be priced in connection with the tender of an HDD measure and items which may be included in a BOQ depending on the project. Prices may be stated in units or on a flat-rate basis, quantities may be adapted according to project-specific requirements. Works that depend only on local conditions, such as site preparation and the reinstatement of surface reinforcements, sheet pile passing or dewatering, were not included in this model BOQ.

For tenders we recommend specifying the HDD measure in a separate title in order to facilitate subcontracting. When separately assigning the trades of drilling works, civil engineering and pipe works, interfaces and responsibilities must be clearly defined either in the specifications or in an annex to the bill of quantities. For the HDD measure, we recommend producing a sound and comprehensive geotechnical report in advance.

In this regard, please consider the recommendations of the DCA working group "Subsoil" and the information in the DCA Technical Guidelines.



Shaping Recommendation of Technical and Legal Contract Conditions


The DCA publication, entitled "Shaping Recommendations of Technical and Legal Contract Conditions" aims to provide the industry players with extensive and harmonised recommendations on drawing up contracts, both in technical and legal terms. The recommendations are therefore designed for clients and contractors alike and, together with the technical guidelines, provide a standard on formulating contracts when HDD is involved .



DCA Newsletter


The DCA Newsletter, a half-yearly periodical, informs  the DCA members on current issues, events and activities of the association. Primarily, however, it serves as a forum for individual companies to present themselves within the association. Especially new members may want to use the opportunity to introduce their company in our newsletter. Of course, all long-standing members of the DCA are free to present  their companies through the aforementioned form as well. Furthermore, contributions on topics from the entire range of the HDD industry - e.g. interesting construction projects, innovations in the field of equipment, etc. - are always most welcome.


Copy deadlinesare on 15May and 15 November  of a given year. Please send your contributions in German and English to our office on a data carrier or via email.








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