About us


Drilling Contractors Association (DCA-Europe)


The Drilling Contractors Association (DCA-Europe) was founded as a European association by leading contractors from the horizontal drilling industry in December 1994. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was developed in the late 1970s from the deflected drillings used in exploration drilling. It has become an internationally renowned alternative to cross underground obstacles when installing pipeline systems, both in technical and in economical terms.



Our main objectives


Our main objectives are to maintain, promote and to further develop the technical standards of HDD in Europe. Furthermore, we aim at improving the framework conditions for the application of this relatively new method. This can be achieved, first and foremost, by establishing common standards for quality assurance and unified licensing procedures and by promoting further education and training as well as research and development. Besides, the association offers a forum for contractors, clients and authorities to share experiences and best practice.



Members of the association include both contractors who carry out horizontal drillings and companies from associated fields, e.g. producers of drilling devices and tools, service providers or engineering companies.Contractors from the gas and water sector and the telecommunications industry are also actively involved as associate members of the DCA.
Companies active in the field of horizontal directional drilling and associated industries that are willing to promote the objectives of the association are invited to become members of DCA-Europe. DCA-Europe has grown steadily since its foundation. Currently, there are about 100 members.


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